Top Ten then

In Thomas Leonard’s own words:

“I have enjoyed another co-created project called topten.org where I and other writers have packed information, advice, and wisdom in the format of easy-to-find-and-use Top 10 lists. The 1000+ lists have been accessed over 1,000,000 times and 50,000 people a day receive an email broadcast containing one of the Top 10 lists…”

Top Ten now

The process has begun to bring this amazing resource back into the hands of the public in a new and fresh format. Some of Thomas’ best top ten lists are already here for you to look at, with more to come on a regular basis. Not only will complete top ten lists from the original Top Ten archives reappear, there will also be the opportunity for you to help complete some of Thomas’ unfinished lists, as well as present your own top ten lists to the world.

If you are interested in being part of the new Top Ten process please email help@bestofthomas.com with suggestions or comments.

Thomas Leonard

thomasnight3jpg100Thomas J. Leonard, often known as the father of coaching, passed away suddenly on February 11th, 2003. His seemingly endless ideas included the creation of CoachVille, the International Coach Federation, as well as numerous books, teleclasses, programs, and workshops on coaching. One of Thomas’ signature creative structures were these top ten lists, a way of organizing his thoughts in an easy to read format.

Today, the majority of Thomas Leonard’s work lives on at CoachVille.com, one of the world’s largest online coach training communities.


CoachvilleLogoCoachVille Vision: Anyone, Anywhere with the courage to play big in life, has a great Coach to help them play better and win on their own terms.
CoachVille mission: To improve the quality of coaching worldwide
CoachVille purpose: To provide a rich learning environment for ANYONE pursuing coaching mastery.

Filled with a wealth of resources, a strong community, and numerous educational opportunities CoachVille is THE place to go if you are playing a big game and seeking mastery of your skills as a professional coach, or wish to improve the coaching skills you already use in your everyday life.
Visit CoachVille to see what it offers for you.

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